10,000 Hawks is an empowered group of neighbors, professionals, and organizational allies who collaborate on research, action, and education to address public health and ecological issues in support of the Land and all future generations. We envision that all Southern CT communities enjoy a healthy environment that leads to a high quality of life, teeming with (bio)diversity. 

Right now, the biggest impact on our lives is the proposed expansion of Tweed-New Haven Airport (“HVN”). Go to our Get the Facts page to review primary documents and to News for news articles. 

Here are the bare bones of our concerns with the 5-year Master Plan: 

  • 6 terminals at the airport
  • Capacity for 480 people taking a flight an hour, via 15-16 flights a day
  • +3,000 cars a day. 
  • Traffic bottlenecks in New Haven and East Haven for years
  • East Haven and New Haven home values will drop, and long-time residents may leave
  • Contains a recommendation that the main runway should be extended to 7,600′ within the next 20 years (longer than LaGuardia’s main runway).

Additionally, the 43-year lease agreement contains language that supports eminent domain procedures and cargo flight approval processes. 

Join us.